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How to convert Indian black money to white through trust

how to convert black money to white through trust
Written by Purple Roses
here's the solution how to convert Indian black money to white through trust? Don't Worry i have the all Solution of to change your black money to white.take a back seat & count How much black money do you have currently.

How to convert Indian black money to white through trust

 The first question to solve your problem should be "How much black money do you have?" In millions, billions or trillions? Without knowing quantum of money nobody could help you. Because how money laundering is done depends upon how much quantity is it. here,i suggest that will be help all of you. so let's started. here i convert " 1 crore Indian black money into white" so, staytune. >Must Read: Indian 500 and 1000 rupee note demonetisation convert Indian black money to white

TOP WAYS TO convert Indian black money to white :

  Buying gold /diamond / precious metals: Instead of accumulating cash, people will buy gold, diamond and other precious metals. People buy gold in small quantities, from different shops, in the name of all members of the family.   (invest 2to3 lakh because gov. started spy on jewellers)   Hawala Route : Have you heard about hawala transactions? If not, I will tell you in simple words. Assume Mr.purple, has Rs.25 Lakhs in cash. Since it is black money, he can’t deposit the same in the bank. So, he identifies a hawala agent (don’t search in google, you won’t get one!). The Hawala operator takes the cash in  and through his counterpart, hands over Rs.25 Lakhs worth in dollars/pounds/dirhams in a foreign country to his/to his representative. Mr.ABC gets this money back to India as Foreign Direct investment (FDI) or seed fund in a private company, etc. Or he may choose to invest abroad in properties. Thus, he converts black money to white without paying any taxes.                                  (invest 5 lakh because dollar price change everyday)   Investing in property : The middle-class black money earners spend/invest them in black. For example, Mr.purple sells a house for Rs.90 Lakhs (of which, he takes Rs.30 Lakhs in Cash – black) and reinvests/buys another flat/plot by giving Rs.30 lakhs apart from white money. So, the rule is Black for Black and white for white Converting Black money by Investment Another method people use to convert black money to white is by making investment in cash. People purchase insurance policy and pay premium in cash. For example if insurance premium is 50000 Rs/- payable quarterly, than people pay first premium via cheque and rest all premium in cash. This is most simple and popular way to convert black money in white. income tax return india: show your black money in income tax return so,it's automatically convert into your white money(sec. 1928). You need to just Deposit money in your account & when year ending income-tax return file start you fill tax it.means now your black mney is converted into white money. Showing Cash Income from Profession Another popular way to convert black money to white is by showing income in cash. Income from tuition, professional fees or commission is shown as cash by many tax payers it is nothing but converting black money in white.  Bogus Loan Entry Popular method people use to convert black money to white is by showing bogus loan entry. Modus operandi under this case will be people give black money to friend or relative and take a cheque from them. This is kind of bogus loan entry to convert black money to white. In some cases people give repayment of this loan by giving back cheque. People doing this must understand that Income tax department is watching every transaction and tax payer have to prove genuineness of every transaction. & Goverment 2,50,000 rule is that only for that people which is not fill tax return so if you fill tax & you have complete paperwork so you not need to afraid from anyone. Disclaimer – I don’t recommend readers to follow any of these methods for black money conversion. This article is just for exposing loop holes of our system. So, that RBI and the government can take appropriate action by formulating strict rules to remove black money from India. I am against black money and black money generation ideas. If I have missed any other methods which people use to convert their black money into white money I request you to share it in comment section.   Incoming search terms : how to convert black money into white through trust how to convert black money into white through bank how to convert black money into white through stock market how to hide black money what is white money black money to white money how to earn black money online white money meaning    

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